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Zodiac Nature Hand Painted Vase

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The Zodiac and its twelve signs are mostly associated with horoscopic astrology and the belief that the positions of the sun, moon, stars and planets at any given moment in time reflect the nature of that moment.
Our Zodiac collection consists of many layers and small details, just like us humans, and It’s timeless design fits any occasion in our life.
Applying gold foil on the collection’s gray color-palette is a unique technic that uses multiple layers of both colors and materials.
The outcome is table linen collection that feels both luxurious and warm.

Our hand painted vases are genuine pieces of art that will dress your table to perfection!

Material: Hand Painted Glass
Hight: 13.78 inch (35cm)
Width: 14.96 inch (38cm)
Weight: 7.93 lb / 3.6kg

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