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Recipe: Southwest Avocado Salad

Recipe: Southwest Avocado Salad

The time has come for our next installment of Gathering In, so settle down and settle in—it’s time to get comfy (for a little bit at least, but more on that later). Venus-ruled Taurus saunters in today wearing a silk smoking jacket and velvet slippers while encouraging us to get back in touch with our sensual, earthy side. Thank the divinely timed Universe, because with so many planets swirling around in dynamic and intense Aries these last few weeks, we’ve all been on a never-ending astrological treadmill.



Cue reliable, calm, grounded and luxurious Taurus to hit the pause button and make us focus on connecting with our center while also imbibing in a little self-love along the way. Throughout this season, have the cornerstone Taurean traits at your disposal by keeping your footing, digging deep, and treating yourself (not cheating yourself).

On April 23rd Mars leaves chatty, curious Gemini and enters soothing and cautious Cancer until June 11th. You might be feeling all the moods during this transit but rather than resist, allow yourself to sit in your emotions and use them as fuel. Double down on channeling your heartache or passion into manifesting your goals. After all, visualizing and FEELING are essential parts of asking, believing and receiving. Whenever Mars is in Cancer, there’s a lot of activity in our family and home life. You may feel an urge to connect with your dearest loved ones in the comfort of your own home for a friends-who-are-family dinner party or a sweet Mother’s Day gathering.




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